Sports Illustrated Gets an A-PLUS PLUS in Our Book!!

Today we mark history, as the magazine by the name of “Sports Illustrated”, publishing since 1954 and mostly recognized by their provocative female covers, launched their very first plus size model cover. Who is this groundbreaking goddess might you ask? Well, it is the one and only Ashley Graham. It comes to no surprise why this beauty was chosen as one of three models to be featured in the magazine’s swimsuit issue, celebrating “different body types”. Proving that sexy doesn’t have to mean skinny, she confesses all the courage it took her to pose alongside models of more traditional sizes. Though the term ‘plus-size model’ is not of her preference, she is a strong believer of curves and imperfections being the ‘new beautiful’. After the stunning photo shoot taking place in Turks and Caicos, it is insane to contradict her on that thought.

Hugs and Kisses are being sent to you, Ashley!

Written by – Michelle and Stephanie (Our very own empowered receptionists at Bangz!)

Below is a wonderful example of loving and honoring EVERY shape! Get behind the movement!