Winterize your hair!

Winter will soon be approaching and we all know it offers up its own hair troubles: static electricity, split ends, and dry frizz are a few that come to mind. It is no secret the environment can create the most damage on our hair but in the winter it is worse because most don’t take as many precautions to protect it.

TIP #1:

FACT- Indoor heating and drier air can pull moisture right from your hair.

Solution- MOISTURIZE! Just like your skin needs more moisture in the winter.. so does your hair. How to do this? DEEP CONDITION! If you’re not already doing so, increase deep conditioning treatments in the winter to once a week.

TIP #2:

Less Frequent Shampoo’s! Shampooing can strip the hair of moisture that protects it from the cold. Wash every 2-3 days and rinse with luke-warm and NOT hot water.

TIP #3:

Eliminate WASH N GO! Wash your hair in the evening so your hair dries overnight. Hair is subject to freezing temperatures and extreme weather can weaken its structure resulting in dry, damaged hair. Wash your hair in the evening so your hair dries overnight as opposed to when outside.

TIP #4:

FACT- Static electricity is very intense during the winter time. There are several ways to neutralize the negative ions that cause static.

SOLUTION: Brushing or combing hair that is charged by static can create damage. Rub a dryer softener sheet over your hair and brush. Also Ionic blowdryers and brushes neutralize and add moisture!

TIP #5:

DITCH THE BLEACH! Fact – Lightening the hair pulls out moisture and does more damage to the hair, winter is the perfect time to warm up your look. Adding some lowlites to your current hilites or going deeper with your single process creates instant shine and condition.

GLOSS IT! Get a tinted hair gloss to enhance warmer tones or a clear gloss for shine and condition.

Enjoy these helpful tips, provided to you by our very own specialist,

Stacey Bender