Phone Hours Added!


In order to better facilitate our influx of phone calls and to better assist you, we are happy to announce that  our phone lines will now be active on Mondays from 12pm – 5pm starting Monday, February 13th.

Please note that the phones will be active off site and the salon will not be open. As always, we ask for your patience as we facilitate each call as efficiently and quickly as possible.    Online booking for all non-chemical services available at any time.

MONDAY:  12pm – 5pm
    *For scheduling/rescheduling appointment only
TUESDAY:  Salon: 11am – 7pm     Spa: 11am – 6pm
    *Phone lines active at 9:30am
WEDNESDAY:  Salon: 10am – 8pm     Spa: 10am – 6pm
    *Phone lines active at 9:30am
THURSDAY:  Salon: 10am – 8pm     Spa:  10am – 8pm
    *Phone lines active at 9:30am
FRIDAY: Salon: 9am – 7pm    Spa: 9am – 7pm
    *Phone lines active at 8:30am
SATURDAY:  Salon: 8am – 5pm      Spa:  9am – 5pm
    *Phone lines active at 7:30am