BangZ Business Hours


In order to better facilitate our influx of phone calls and to better assist you, below is detailed information on how to book an appointment as well as how to get a hold of us during non-business hours.


**Those with Tuesday appointments that need to cancel may email the salon at
Please do not email the salon with appointment requests.  Those require you to call directly into the salon or you may also use our online booking that is available at any time for all non-chemical appointments

-Salon: 11am – 7pm
-Spa: 11am – 6pm
*Phone lines active at 9:30am

-Salon: 10am – 8pm
-Spa: 10am – 6pm
*Phone lines active at 9:30am

-Salon: 10am – 8pm
-Spa:  10am – 8pm
*Phone lines active at 9:30am

-Salon: 9am – 7pm
-Spa: 9am – 7pm
*Phone lines active at 8:30am

-Salon: 8am – 5pm
-Spa:  9am – 5pm
*Phone lines active at 7:30am

As always, we ask for your patience as we facilitate each phone call as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Running late for an appointment? 
Please note we allow no more than a 15 minute grace period of arriving late for all appointments.  Arriving any later may result in not receiving full services you are scheduled for or having to reschedule your entire appointment.  If you find that you are running late we ask for the courtesy of a phone call or simply text the salon at 973-746-8426 with your name and time of your appointment to let us know.