The long wait is over!

DevaCurl IS BACK!

BangZ is happy to announce our continued relationship with Deva and having back their newly renovated products and upgrades formulas!

Aromas that are so good, they are the SCENTer of the attention!

Deva has added products that help re-coil curl, repair bonds and protect hair from future damage.  They have also offer products that are focused on the scalp to help set the foundation for healthy-looking waves, curls and coils.

New to DevaCurl products or just want to check out what the latest buzz is all about? Stop on in and speak to one of our DevaCurl Specialist for your special product recommendations.


Why did DevaCurl® decide to rebrand?
DevaCurl® was born in the salon 25 years ago and our commitment to the curl community has been unwavering. However, we knew it was time to evolve and harness the power of new technology and innovations to meet consumers’ changing needs.

For the past 25 years, our main focus has been on providing a moisture foundation to dry waves, curls and coils. But we know that consumers are expressing themselves in many different ways — color, braids, twists, blowouts and straightening. We call it Curl Flexibility™. And as a result, we’ve enhanced our existing products and added new categories that can do more to meet their needs for healthy-looking waves, curls and coils.

What are the new innovations and their technologies?
All of our products, including these new main launches, are Dermatologist Co-Developed and Stylist Approved.

Our new Scalp and Hair Reset collection is Dermatologist and Trichologist Co-Developed and formulated at a pH level for a healthy scalp. It contains:

– Scalp Detoxifying Complex that gently removes scalp buildup in the SCALP PURI(pH)Y™ Easy-Rinse Exfoliating Spray.
– Scalp Re-Balancing Complex that moisturizes dry scalp in our SCALP D(pH)ENSE™ Daily Nourishing & Protecting Serum.

Our new CurlBond™ line, designed to repair and prevent damage contains:

– Patented CurlBond™ Complex re-coils damaged curls and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength and protect from future damage. Maintains shine and leaves curls healthy-looking with enhanced definition.

Our new FlexFactor™ Curl Protection & Retention Primer, a part of our Prep & Protect collection, contains:

– Curl Memory Complex helps all curl types spring back to life and helps prevent damage from brushing, friction, manipulation, and heat up to 450 degrees.

What are the new products formulated without?
DevaCurl want the best for your waves, curls and coils while providing you with ultimate Curl Flexibility™ — get more details about what their new products are formulated without here.