Come in and experience our beautiful Up-do’s with any of our highly trained stylists who specialize in fun, flirty, sophisticated, or sleek looks for any occasion. Whether your hair is pinned up, curled and laid down or even a combination of the two let us create that look that is uniquely you!

Here are some tips before booking your next Up-do appointment:

  • Wash and dry your hair the night before, clean and dry hair is the best to work with.
  • Bring clippings of magazines and/or pictures of past Up-do’s; it will help your stylist visualize what you want.
  • Wear a button down shirt or tube-top, you wouldn’t want to ruin your new style by pulling a t-shirt over your head!
  • Make sure to bring any barrettes, pins, flowers, or tiaras with you.
  • If you have long curly hair please ask for extra time for your appointment, this will ensure that you have plenty of quality time with your stylist.
  • Last but not least! Come in with an open mind! Up-do’s can be a lot of fun, so interaction and good conversation help the stylist fit the hair style with your occasion and your unique flare!

To reward our Stylists for improving their skills, BangZ employs the European Level System of pricing for all hair services.  In this system, as stylists improve their skills through continuing education, we reward them to charge higher prices.  Other factors include years of experience and demand.  To see a Stylist’s individual pricing, please visit our staff bio page here and select the service provider of your choice.

Up-Do* $120+ $140+ $160+ $180+

*Please visit our Special Occasions section for more information on booking for your wedding or other special event.