Hair Removal

Hair Removal Services
Inner Brow 9.00+
Lip 14.00+
Chin 14.00+
Face 20.00+
Eyebrow Tweezing 28.00+
Underarm 28.00+
Half Arm 35.00+
Full Arm 46.00+
Chest 48.00+
Bikini Bottom 
Brazilian 76.00+
Bikini & Full Leg 124.00+
Stomach Line 12.00+
Half Leg 65.00+
Full Leg 
Feet & Toes 11.00+
WoW Brow

After waxing and shaping, your brows are lifted with our micro current treatment, opening your eyes and giving that wide eyed youthful look. They are finished with brow powder to complete the transformation and render instant uplifting results.