Bridal Services

A Word to the Bride…

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life!

Let the professionals at Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa assist you in helping you look and feel your best. Begin your “happily ever after” from head to toe by ensuring you cover each specific detail.

Above Photographs by Laura Desantis-Olsson

Resources for the Bride:

Download and Print Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa’s resources.

Beauty and Bliss Countdown

Plan Ahead

Next to your dress, your hair and make-up are the most important part of your dream-come-true wedding! We strongly recommend you schedule your trial bridal style and makeup 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding day. This will ensure enough time to finalize that perfect look. Feel free to bring photos of your desired style and make-up, and don’t forget your veil or any hair ornaments you might be wearing that day! Do you have highlights or get regular color retouches? How about perms? We advise that all chemical processes be done two weeks before the wedding date.

On the Big Day

Today’s the day! You and your bridal party’s hair and makeup will be completed just hours before your wedding. Our professionals will make sure your look holds up and carries you through the rest of your long, exciting day. If you are interested in scheduling your special day whether it be just for you, the bridal party, the moms or even the groom, just make an appointment to see our Bridal Coordinator, Marlene.

A Bangz Beauty Guide to Your Perfect Wedding Day


For a fabulous glow that will make any groom blush, schedule your first facial six months prior to your wedding For a deep-pore cleansing that will leave your skin soft and re-balanced, we highly recommend our popular b-Organic Facial. The next four months will be critical to get your skin into shape and keep it that way until your big day, so once a month is recommended. Your final facial should take place one week prior to the big day.


All waxing should be scheduled 2-3 days prior to your wedding to guarantee your skin is soft and smooth for the honeymoon! We suggest a full-leg with bikini, underarms, brow and lip wax. **Please allow at least two weeks of hair growth before you receive these services**


Beautiful nails are an essential part of a beautiful bride ensemble, especially when you’re showing off your new wedding ring! For natural nails, we highly recommend your nail regime begin three months prior to your wedding. Regular manicures will make your nails strong and healthy–try our b Well Classic Manicure. The day before the wedding, indulge in our b Well Classic Manicure & b Well Classic Pedicure to have your hands and feet feeling soft and refreshed. **Don’t forget to request a French Manicure if you’re looking for a natural white tip**


Two days prior to your wedding, indulge in our b Well Body Wraps. It gently scrubs away stress and refines tired, flaky skin as it hydrates, restores, and energizes you. Or if you’re looking for a bit of a glow to your skin, try out our self-tanning treatment that will even out your skin tone and add a “hint” of color to your skin.

Things to remember when booking your wedding day preparations at Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa:

  • Have a final count on people in your party that are being serviced that day.
  • The time you need to be out of the salon.
  • Make sure to book a Trial Up-do 4-6 weeks before the date. Remember to bring your veil and/or head piece!
  • Print out, complete and fax to us your Bridal Party Wedding Request Form (PDF).
  • Have your credit card available when booking. This will be needed to reserve
    the appointments. Please note a $30 deposit for each member will be charged upon your final review and confirmation of appointments.